Traditional Singing Course | COSMOS

2020 July 26 – August 1


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Traditional Singing Course I COSMOS
July 26 – August 1, 2020
Kaunas district, Lithuania

Traditional singing courses organised in Lithuania for the second time invites to learn about authentic singing traditions: from singing manner, free voice formation to concrete styles, rite and lyric songs.

This year's main theme – cosmos – seeks to delve deeper into the interplay between folk songs and the mythical cosmic world, to explore the traditional human view of the surrounding universe and its reflections in songs. Participants will have an opportunity to listen to lectures about ethnocosmology as well as be part of the evening programs under the stars.

Course program is comprised of practical singing sessions, lectures and workshops. During the course, everyday participants will work for 3–4 hours within a selected singing group and will improve their particular singing tradition skills. During the workshops Traditional singing course participants will have a chance to acquaint with other singing traditions, learn traditional dances, try out various old crafts.


Accommodation: Sadausku Place ( Jurbarko pl. 351, Antalkių village, Vilkijos sen., Kauno rajonas, Lithuania)
Meals: 3 times per day
Age: 14 y/o and older – main program; 7–13 y/o – special program led by children group leader
Language: English
Participation fee: 400 shared room, 350 tent (payment information  will be sent to each participant by email together with registration confirmation. The fee has to be paid before the start of the course).


* maximum number of 50 participants are accepted.
** organisers may cancel the event if such recommendations will be given by the national government. In case of cancellation the organisers ensure a full  refund.

Arrival – July 26th 6.00 – 8.00 pm; departure – August 1st before 11.30 am
There will be one bus organised by the course from/to Kaunas and Vilnius to the Sadausku Place.
The site can also be reached from Kaunas bus station by a local transportation.
More information on arrival/departure times and options will be sent directly to the registered participants.


Rytis Ambrazevičius


Rytis, educated as a physicist and musicologist, now is a professor at Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. His research interests include ethnomusicology, music and speech acoustics as well as music cognition.

Susanne Rosenberg


Susanne, folk singer, professor and Doctor of Music, has been a pioneer both in rediscovering the older Swedish style of folk singing and in using it in new artistic environments, involving cooperation with contemporary composers and directors.

Susanna Karpenko


Susanna is a folklorist, folk performer, musician, folk singing lecturer, leader of folk ensemble Božyči and project Vizerunčasti pisni. She has created a distinctive folk singing method based on the use of head resonators.

Ilja Fetisov


Ilja is a folklorist, folk performer, musician, ethnochoreographer, founder and leader of folklore ensemble Božyči. He has accumulated a lot of experience in folklore expeditions, created a distinctive traditional dance teaching method and adapted S. Karpenko folk singing teaching methods for male vocals.

Irena Rokicka-Wiszniewska

Children's group leader

Irena is as an ethnomusicologist, currently, a doctoral student at the Institute in Arts of Polish Academy of Science. She has a considerable experience in working with children, and also gives workshops on traditional singing at seminars in Poland and Lithuania, mostly at various international summer schools for traditional music.

Gancho Penchev Gavazov


Gancho teaches at the National School of Folklore Arts "Shiroka Luka" and also leads "Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria" and vocal quartet "Vaya". Gancho shares: "for me, folk music is a way of life, of constant search and development."

Loreta Dargužienė


An ethnomusicologist Loreta has more than 20 years of experience in traditional singing, as well as performing and teaching of sutartinės. She directs the Traditional Song Club, where the year’s cycle passes by singing sutartinės as well as calendar and family festivity songs of all regions of Lithuania.




Daiva Vyčinienė


lecture & hike

Jonas Vaiškūnas (Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology)

Last Pagan Rites | Bronius Kutavičius

graphic score reading sessions

Traditional Dances

workshops and parties

Antanas and Jonas Juška Ethnic Culture Museum

lecture, visit & final concert

Straw Garden Making


Vida Sniečkuvienė

Traditional Reedpipe Making


Skalmantas Barkauskas

Tablet Weaving


Eglė Česnakavičiūtė

Moon Drum

jam session

Rokas Kašėta


morning activity

Dalia Peseckaitė