Janika Oras

Janika Oras

Janika Oras

Date of birth: 28.11.1963

Address: Vapramäe põik 1, Elva, Tartu county, Estonia.

Phone: +372 58116793

Education: PhD in musicology, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2008

Affiliation: A senior research fellow of folklore and ethnomusicology at the Estonian Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum.

My research topics are performance and performers of older style (runosong or regilaul) of Estonian traditional song and the history of folk music collection. I teach traditional singing and theoretical courses on runosong at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Viljandi Culture Academy, I have also led different workshops on traditional songs and since 1994, I have instructed the singing group Väike Hellero in Tartu.