Taive Särg

Taive Särg

CV Taive Särg

Date of birth: 17.01.1962 Tallinn

Address: Observatooriumi 11-10, Tõravere settlement, Nõo parish, Tartu county, Estonia.

Phone: (+ 372) 56 22 75 86

Education: PhD in Estonian and comparative folklore, University of Tartu, 2005

Affiliation: A senior research fellow of folklore and ethnomusicology at the Estonian Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum.

My research activity focuses mainly on Estonian folk songs (text, music, performance in past and present) as well as on identity questions. I have lectured folk music and folklore in Tartu University, Tallinn University and Tartu Music High School and conducted workshops on folk songs, especially calendar ritual songs in regilaul style.